aeraulic systems


We build and install systems and equipment for air treatment: suction, dedusting, ventilation, air conditioning, heating, pneumatic transportation, drying, with circular and rectangular sheets, for civil use


Manufacturing of circular and rectangular sheets for:

- Rectangular-section sheet channels;
- Circular-section sheet channels;
- channels in sandwich panel (P3 type);
- vacuum cleaners with container;
- galvanized plenums;
- caps made of galvanized or stainless steel sheet;
- condensation drain tanks for air-conditioners

Supply of:

- printed flanges, flat, round and square;
- vents, dampers, fire dampers, square and round diffusers;
- fexible hoses for air conditioning or industrial suction;
- flat, pocket, activated carbon filters;
- spiro pipes
- all the accessories needed for optimal air distribution.

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