TechnoTermica deals with the insulation of pipes, valves, heat exchangers, evaporators, condensers, boilers and turbines of thermal, chemical, petrochemical and industrial plants by ensuring processing of the highest quality. Among the services offered are:

  • Installation of materials according to projects or technical specifications provided by the customer
  • Supply of materials based on designs or technical specifications provided by the customer
  • Completion of all types of hot insulation with the most suitable materials
  • Insulation of piping and equipment subject to low temperatures through the application of elastomeric sheaths, expanded polystyrene, polyurethane in various formats, expanded cellular glass and phenolite.
  • Industrial acoustic insulation through specific studies of problems and applications, so as to properly comply with the regulations on noise in the workplace
  • Aluminium sheet, sheet metal and stainless steel processing both for the finishing of thermal insulation and conditioning channels


for heat

- mineral wool cups
- glass wool cups
- mineral wool panels
- glass wool panels
- mineral wool quilted felt
- gass wool felt
- fibreglass felt with kraft paper and aluminium
- water-soluble fibreglass for high temperatures, maximum temperature 1200° C
- prefabricated thermal insulation pillows
- prefabricate products made of dry cellular glass

All materials made of mineral fibre have a low biopersistence, in accordance with DIRECTIVE 67/548/EU and
the next 97/69/EU, and classified as NOT CARCINOGENIC according to Note "Q".

for cold

- elastomeric sheath with CL1 closed cells in the shape of cups or sheets
- polyurethane cast with a special foaming machine
- polyurethane in prefabricated products
- prefabricated products made of plastered cellular glass

Outer coatings can be made of prefabricated aluminium, zinc-coated, stainless steel, copper, pre-painted,
PVC foils.

mineral fibre

Mineral wool is a type of thermo-acoustic insulation manufactured by man which has a base of raw materials such as glass, rock or iron manufacturing residues. They belong to the FAV category (Artificial Fibre Glass), better known in the past with the Anglo-Saxon acronym MMMF (Man Made Mineral Fibres), a category that holds a wide variety of fibrous inorganic materials besides asbestos that are obtained synthetically. Over the past few decades, man made mineral fibers have been the subject of specific scientific studies that have changed over time along with the technical information relating to their use and their classification, as well as the reference standards.

The mineral wool we use is classified as a non-carcinogenic substance since it meets the biosolubility criteria imposed by Note Q (introduced by Directive 97/69/EC and taken up in Regulation (EC) CLP. Also, as called for in the modifications required by technical and scientific progress and introduced in 2009, mineral wools are no longer classified as skin irritants (R38). The mineral wool we use is therefore biosoluble and has no risk phrases. The products we use are made from basalt rock, a raw material that is abundant in nature. We make a strong effort to use insulation products with natural raw materials and recycled materials, thus reducing the use of resources and emissions, including CO2 emissions.

We provide solutions that improve resource efficiency in key sectors of society such as energy, CO 2 emissions and recycling. Providing durable products and energy-efficient solutions, we contribute to improving energy design, buildings' performance and processes in general. Doing so, we contribute to the well being of our customers, our communities and society in general.

Our operators act in accordance with Quality, environment and health and safety at work policies , following our Environmental Operations Procedure to ensure the management and disposal of waste in compliance with the law, safeguard the protection of the environment, setting good examples by recycling, protect the health of the environment in the workplace and immediately report any non-compliance to our ENVIRONMENT DEPARTMENT.

Pipes insulation in technical rooms

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