TechnoTermica was founded in 1979 by two brothers, Franco and Aldino Talmelli, after a thirty-year experience acquired in the field of THERMAL and ACOUSTIC INSULATION through the insulation of systems belonging to various productive sectors, both in Italy and abroad (Algeria, United States, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Iran).
After a short while, the company became strong and well-known in the whole region and obtained important orders, especially thanks to accurate staff research and skilled technicians, in addition to continuous study and skills enhancement in the field of insulating materials.
Since its birth, in fact, TechnoTermica has always favoured a qualitative study criterion mainly focused on operational plans:

  • professionally trained staff;
  • advanced know-how;
  • reliable suppliers;
Former Hydro Agri Petrochemical facility of Ferrara
Incinerator of Gorizia

After the successful generational shift, by means of which the brothers Massimiliano and Alessandro Talmelli became the leaders, the company has been constantly evolving by investing in proper facilities, vehicles and machinery and has, thus, become a pioneer in the insulation sector which operates throughout the national territory. It currently has 30 employees, in addition to a constant as well as precious collaboration with external professionals. The production area and equipment and products storage cover 1000 square meters. The company is aware of the important task assigned to companies working in the field of insulation, which need to do their best in order to develop technologies and applications aimed at storing thermal energy excellently and at using insulating materials responsibly, so as to respect the Environment, Workers Health and Safety: three goals guaranteed by at least three factors..

1. A technical staff trained over more than 30 years of work characterized by a succession of activities which led, day after day, to the acquisition of an excellent "know-how" in the most diverse techniques, with any type of insulating material,
thanks to highly skilled staff long employed by the Company. The whole team is involved in quality problems and is aware of this corporate choice by implementing strict guidelines.

2. PRODUCTIONS in Italy, in the most diverse fields: from the insulation of different petrochemical and oil plants to that of standard thermoelectric power stations, up to the most sophisticated cellular glass insulation.

3. Implementation of the QUALITY/ENVIRONMENT/SAFETY INTEGRATED SYSTEM according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 regulations

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